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Why Auto Dealer Service Online is a Must

Unless you keep your service bay staffed 24/7, you are missing out on potential service customers. Successful dealerships understand that customer expectations are changing. The way they have traditionally communicated

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Enhancing Website SEO and Lead generation

Most dealers nowadays spend a lot of their time trying to increase the visibility of their dealership’s inventory through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of their web site. This is logical

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CARFAX Reminds Us of a Valuable Lesson: Never Forget Who Your Customers Are

their primary customers, those paying the bill, have always been car dealers. These are the people buying and paying for the lion’s share of the reports CARFAX sells every year, and these are the people that CARFAX should never forget.

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The winning recipe for successful online car specials

The specials page of your web site is the third most popular page (only behind your home and inventory pages), so having specials that are effective and up-to-date is critical

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