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Vehicle Buying Has Changed. Has Your Dealership Responded?

2020 has forced us all to make adjustments to our behaviors, and car buying is no exception. As purchasing patterns have changed, dealerships have noticed their profit levels and sources

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Data Makes the Difference: How Past Customers Predict Future Car Sales

No two sales leads are created equal. Every salesperson can tell you that. But what if we told you that it’s possible to use the data from those leads to

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It's Common Sense – Follow the Leads that Convert

  In marketing, it’s all about the numbers. Our studies show that for some dealerships: 45% of dealership leads come from the internet. Internet leads only convert at 10%. Dealers

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Wine and Cheese Should Age. Vehicle Inventory Should Not.

Everyone talks about “that new car smell”, but problems moving aging used car inventory can consistently stink for dealers. There are really only two ways to handle aging inventory: Mark

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