5 Ways Your Dealership is Giving Leads Away

Live chat on the web is a convenience to customers looking for quick answers to their specific questions. While many dealerships understand the importance of having a chat option on

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What Sets Naked Lime Reputation Management Apart?

We can tell you all day long why we're the best choice for dealership Reputation Management services. You can head over to repman.nakedlime.com to see our impressive lists of features and

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The Single Biggest Factor in Online Reputation Management

Naked Lime will be the first to admit that we have a vested interest in helping your dealership manage your online reputation. After all, that’s one of our specialties. But

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3 Customer Retention Tips to Keep a Loyal Following

Customer loyalty is the backbone of most businesses, including car dealerships. Every business works toward building a lasting, loyal relationship with customers in hopes that the next time a purchase

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Tips to Implement New Technology

Technology plays an ever-increasing role in automotive retailing. Database mining, digital marketing, mobile marketing, and click-to-chat are some of the newer technology solutions that are available today to help dealerships

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