The Statistics Say It All

The numbers don’t lie: dealers can’t ignore social media marketing. Social media marketing goes beyond Facebook and Twitter. The concept also covers online communities, blogs, or other online collaborative media-

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3 Basic Rules for Facebook Success

Big brands like Toyota, Ford and Honda have a following of hundreds of thousands of fans on Facebook. By following in their footsteps you can drive up your own fan

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Social Media is Here to Stay

We all know traditional marketing channels have less influence on consumers than ever before. Today, recommendations from friends and family are taking center stage online. The 2010 Cone Consumer New

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The Social Dealer – Best Practices for the Automotive Dealer using Facebook

How has your digital marketing strategy changed over the last 10 years? Today everywhere you turn, you hear about promoting your dealership through social media. Although, you have adapted your

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Social Networking – The Web 2.0 Dealership

Web 2.0 by definition refers to the web development and web design that facilitates interactive information sharing, interoperability, user-centered design, and collaboration on the World Wide Web (Source: Wikipedia). In

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